As Marcon Lines, we provide shipping, storage, handling, packaging, loading, lashing, un-lashing, unloading and door-to-door delivery services at the ports we serve.


We offer inland haulage services. In export operations, the products are taken from the companies and delivered safely to our ports and warehouses. In export operations, the products are picked up from the port and delivered safely to companies and our warehouses.

Storage, Handling and Packaging

We offer a wide range of storage services from stock management to order preparation, re-packaging, shredding, combining, labeling, boxing, packaging and palletizing in our in-port and out-of-port warehouse, according to the demands and needs of our customers.

Loading, Lashing and Un-lashing

With our expert team, we provide lashing and un-lashing services in order to transport the products safely and to protect them from any damage that may occur during shipping.